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 We will soon have a section where hospitals can advertise for volunteering positions

Thank you for your interest in volunteering.  To participate as a volunteer, most hospitals require that you be at least 15 years of age and committed to volunteer for approximately three hours per week on a regularly scheduled basis. 
Some hospitals have orientation sessions where they provide a description of each volunteer opportunity as well as its availability and requirements, discuss necessary health clearance and security issues, and go on a general tour of the hospital. It is important for you to realize what impact working in a hospital environment will have on you and that your commitment is vital if we are to effectively serve the needs of our patients.
Interviews are usually scheduled within few days of the orientation. Volunteers will be placed as soon as possible in the requested positions that have openings. Other applications will be put on file until we can match your schedule and interests.  Volunteers are required to fill in an application form at the orientation.
Volunteers are an integral part of our hospital and we encourage you to join.

Volunteer Placement Process

  Hospitals may require that you:

  • Attend an orientation
  • At the orientation, obtain an application packet and schedule an interview
  • Attend the interview on time and bring completed application
  • Obtain and return two reference check forms
  • Wait and hear from Volunteer Services about placement
  • Provide proof of measles/rubeola/vaccination (2 doses)
  • Provide proof of TB test
  • Get signed ID badge forms and obtain badge
  • Determine a start date with your volunteer supervisor

  The Volunteer Services Department will:

  • Provide necessary orientation for all potential volunteers
  • Interview all potential volunteers who have attended the orientation
  • Provide reference check forms
  • Try to match your preferences for a volunteer position and time assignment
  • Notify you if there are no current openings for your preferences
  • Assign your start date once all health clearances have been received
  • Provide signed ID badge forms to obtain your badge
  • Provide continual support during your volunteer tenure

Volunteer Opportunities

    There are five main areas of volunteer opportunities:

  • Direct patient contact
  • Semi-direct patient contact
  • Customer service
  • Administrative support
  • Special projects 

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