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Three meals in a day

----Traditional Chinese Medical Healthcare
By Eliana Ibrahim

How many times we eat in a day? How much we should eat in every meal? 
Everybody has different answer. Let's have a look what a Chinese Medical Doctor say.  In Chinese medical opinions, the amount of food and drink should be appropriate; and excessive or insufficient food and drink intake will cause disease. 
Weak human vitality is often caused by insufficient food intake, especially without taking breakfast. Some Lebanese used to eat nothing in the morning in order to lose weight or because they are in a rush to go to work. Some used to eat breakfast in late morning. It's about 10 Am and with an empty stomach for 12-14 hours from the last night. First, you couldn't get your weight lost by without eating breakfast. Secondly, you may easily have diabetes because long period of insufficient food intake, for it will result in insulin exudation unbalance. Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) look for a pattern of symptoms, rather than a specific disease. If an organ in the body is deficient in Qi
j, symptoms of an ailment appear during organ's low energy or "rest" period in a 24-hour cycle that is related to an organ k. For stomach, the period is from 7-9 Am. That means you 'd better to eat breakfast at that time.
On the contrast of without eating breakfast, many Lebanese like to eat a heavy and late dinner after one day's hard work. My husband and I am often invited to dinner late to 9 or 10 Pm. It is almost midnight when it is finished. When we arrive home and lie down on the bed with stomachs full of food, we have nothing to do but shake our heads. Late and heavy dinner will destroy your sleep. Also you will find you get indigestion in the next morning.
All these habits are not good for the digestive system. Eat nutritive food in the morning, fuelling food in lunch and eupeptic food in dinner. Let fresh fruits be the snack, and don't eat anything two hours before go to bed.
Chinese always say, "eat like a prince at breakfast, a merchant at lunch and a pauper at dinner".
j According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Qi, or vital energy, is the key life force. It flows around the body in meridians and is the catalyst for metabolic change, movement, sensation and thought. Good health is the result of living in accordance with the flow of energy in the body. 
k Body cycles. Followers of TCM believe that during each 24-hour cycle, every organ in the body peaks for 2-hour period then has a period of low energy 12 hours later.

Ms Eliana Ibrahim, Chinese, was teaching Yoga in Platinum Health Club in Zgharda before she moved to Beirut in 2002 July. She can be contacted by mobile phone on number 00961-3-315443 and by email at elianazhao@hotmail.com
Her husband, Dr. Edmond Ibrahim, had finished 7 years' Traditional Chinese Medicine education and 2 years' medical practice in China and opened a Chinese Medical Center in Montee Fanar, near to Chalet Suisse, Jdeideh Beirut. He can be contacted by email at 



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