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Getting the Most Out of Jogging
by Dr. Jeremy Sims

Jogging remains a very popular means of getting fit. Most importantly, it is an excellent way of improving cardiorespiratory fitness.

However, if you are planning to start jogging remember the following:

1. Warm up first - before running do at least two minutes of warm-up exercises or a brisk walk. This reduces the risk of muscle injury.

2. Run at your own pace - never attempt to keep pace with someone else. You should feel comfortable when running, breathing regularly without muscle pain.

3. Run with a good posture - your trunk should be vertical with no leaning. Run with arms bent at the elbow and swinging in a backwards/forwards movement. Hands should be relaxed.

4. Keep to the soft - where possible run on soft surfaces e.g., grass. Hard surfaces jar your joints, increasing the risk of injury.

5. Cool down - after jogging take time for your cardiorespiratory system to return to normal. Walk around and relax your muscles from head to toe. Breathe deeply initially and gradually reduce your breathing rate back to normal. Never crouch or bend over (reduces airflow to the lungs); or sit/lie down (increases risk of cramps).


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Dr. Sims is the Medical Director of FitStop, the UK's foremost group of health and fitness centers, and an expert on matters relating to fitness of body and mind. Having trained as a GP, he now works full-time in health promotion and has written extensively on the subject, including a monthly medical column in Mensa magazine with the TV psychiatrist, Dr Raj Persaud. Dr. Sims was the original Virgin.Net online doctor. Article courtesy of MediaPeak, http://mediapeak.com

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