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"Cystitis Prevention"

by Dr. Jeremy Sims

Statistics show that at least 50% of women have experienced at least one episode of cystitis in their lifetime, and the fact is that women, by virtue of their anatomy, are much more likely than men to suffer from this infection.

Cystitis by definition is an infection of the bladder. Bacteria are the cause, most commonly from a woman's own body. In the healthy state, the interior of the bladder is a sterile environment; however when bacteria enter they swiftly colonize, setting off an inflammatory reaction. Hence, the typical symptoms of pain on passing water and lower abdominal tenderness.

Generally, cystitis is successfully treated with a course of antibiotics, but there are ways and means of reducing your risk of infection in the first place.

1. Maintain a good daily fluid intake at least 1.5-2 litres of water per day.

2. If you are prone to cystitis, empty your bladder fully before bedtime and immediately after intercourse.

3. Research has shown that drinking 300 ml of cranberry juice per day reduces your risk of cystitis by 50%. Alternatively, take cranberry extracts in a capsule form.

4. Avoid constipation constipation reduces the bladder's ability to empty.

5. Dandelion supplement acts as a powerful diuretic, ensuring that infecting bacteria are passed out of the body before they can cause an inflammatory reaction. The supplement has been shown to be effective in preventing recurrent cystitis, but always ensure you are maintaining good fluid intake per day.

6. Always consult your doctor if you are suffering recurrent bouts of cystitis, to rule out any underlying cause which might be increasing your risk of infection.

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Dr. Sims is the Medical Director of FitStop, the UK's foremost group of health and fitness centers, and an expert on matters relating to fitness of body and mind. Having trained as a GP, he now works full-time in health promotion and has written extensively on the subject, including a monthly medical column in Mensa magazine. Dr. Sims was the original Virgin.Net online doctor. 
Article courtesy of MediaPeak, http://mediapeak.com

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