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Sliming diets
Let us fight overweight!
There is a list of diets for those who want to loose the excessive kilograms and are sure to stand the rejection of the favorite dishes.
Milk & banana diet
It is effective after a big loss of weight and helps to keep the reached one. It eases the transition from a strict dieting to the normal nutrition. It is also mild enough to keep to it every month.
You are to eat 2 bananas and drink 2 glasses of milk for 2 running days.
The Rachel diet (700-1300 kcal )
It is a week diet that can be hold once in a year. It allows you to eat just only 1 product for 3 times a day in the unlimited quantity but without additions.
1. Monday: vegetables
2. Tuesday: eggs
3. Thursday: milk
4. Friday: boiled fish
5. Saturday: fruits
6. Sunday: any food with the low calories content.
The Hubert diet
It is a month diet and the approximate loss of weight is 5 kilograms.
1. Breakfast: tea with the sucrose, 50 grams of rye-bread, 20 grams of milk.
2. 2nd breakfast: 1 grated apple without sugar
3. Dinner: 200 grams of boiled meat, 200 grams of roasted vegetables, 80 grams of grated apples with slice of dry bread.
4. 4-3 o'clock p.m.: tea with sucrose and milk
5. Supper: 100 grams of the roasted meat, 100 grams of boiled vegetables and 2 slices of dry bread
6. Late supper: 2 grated apples
The diet with low calories content:. (500 kcal)
The diet is rather a strict but a nutritious one. The loss of weight: about 5 kilograms every week.
1. Breakfast: tea or coffee with sucrose & milk.
2. 2nd breakfast: an apple or a pear.
3. Supper: 150 grams of vegetables with lemon but without butter, 4-5 slices of dry bread.
The separate diet (1200 kcal)
It includes vitamins, fat, proteins and carbohydrates. The diet is not so strict so you can keep to it for a long time.
1. Breakfast: a glass of orange juice
2. 2nd breakfast: an apple or a pear.
3. Dinner: 80 grams of macaronis, 80 grams of tomatoes, 100 grams of boiled potatoes, a glass of white wine.

How can one loose some weight?
You should except from your ration bread, cereals, beans because they contain too much carbohydrates that enlarge the weight. They can be replaced by the beer yeast which is very nutritious, contain a lot of vitamins.



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